Tribal Assembly (Comitia Tributa)

Length : TBC

4 Dancers

Suitable for : Outdoor / Theatre

BTC are excited to announce their new dance theatre performance, “Tribal Assembly”, produced in Spring 2011 is now on tour throughout the Uk this summer. 

Commisioned by “Without Walls”, our new piece follows on, or rather goes to the roots, of our previous piece, “Council of the Ordinary”, and digs deeper into the relationships between these recognisable characters, 'the chav', 'the homeless person', 'the businessman', 'the goth/rocker'.

Presented as the first part of what will become a triple-bill, the theatre show delves into the existing characters of Council, and follows the choices and factors that have shaped their lives and led to the social hierarchy within which they exist.   

"Tribal Assembly encourages the audience to reconsider the roles and power of people within society. Most importantly, the performance shows that we cannot simply stereotype people allocating them “groups” or “tribes”. Everyone has something to offer and it’s not necessarily what is expected." (William Lau,

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Check out the trailor below, and come see this amazing performance this summer, at a city near you. . . check out our home page for tour dates. . .

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