Council of the Ordinary (Concilium Plebis)

Length : 15 mins

4 Dancers

Suitable for : Theatre / Outdoor

'The Council of the Ordinary' are five individuals, from five different backgrounds who are all inter-related through the hierarchy of life. This thought provoking theatre piece looks at the interactions between people who lead very different lives.

During the peice we watch one homeless person who acts as an “eye on the street” interacting with very different people throughout his day, from the businessman, to the chav (street kid/asbo/hoody) or emo, and see what these interactions tell us about how we view these respective stereotypes.

Ispired by the works of Emma Tooth, ltimately this piece is an observation of the apparent social, cultural and stereotypical hierarchy that exists within our modern day lives.

The ‘silent conversations’ each character has feature Bboying combined with contemporary dance movement, physical theatre and strong, dynamic partner work, all set to a very atmospheric and thought-provoking soundtrack.

It has been performed at Breakin Convention London, San Francisco Hip Hop Festival, Trafalgar Square Arts Festival, Stockton International Riverside Festival, and many more


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