Paul Kelly (Bboy Yelke)

bboy yelke

My Name is Paul Kelly aka B-boy Yelke, I have been dancing for Bad Taste Cru since 1998. I have travelled the UK and around the world through my dancing I feel I still have many goals and accomplishments still to achieve which include travelling more, performing and battling more.

. I am also a keen b-boy teacher and wish to develop my teaching skills more and hopefully inspire more young people through hip hop and b-boying. The next few years for me are going to be interesting as every day I’m learning more and more about myself and through studying this dance which I love.  My dream is to create a solo piece which I’m proud off and to show my individual skills, dance-style and concepts.

Peace One love and keep it real.

B-boy Yelke


  • B-boy Unit UK 2008
  • Winners Battle of the Year 2008 UK Winners
  • Represented UK at Battle of the Year World Finals
  • Germany 2008 Regional Conflict UK 2009 Winners
  • Plus many more UK competition wins with my crew.  
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