Colin Armsrtong (DJ/Bboy Timber)

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Timber has a reputation as being one of the most exciting & entertaining DJs on the planet, a reputation founded on the principles of showmanship he learnt in his native Northern Ireland from the legendary b-boy crew “Belfast City Breakers”. The “One Man Army”, half DJ, half B-Boy, fully entertaining, self proclaimed “Fresh Prince Of Belfast” has a reputation as one of the hardest working DJs on the b-boy scene, always finding undiscovered gems & cutting them up alongside classic jams with sizeable finesse maintaining the real essence of what break DJing is all about.

Between 2001-2008 Timber lived in Manchester, England where he further honed and enhanced his skills becoming one of the finest B-Boys DJs in the UK, Europe and now undisputably the World. In April 2008 Timber relocated to Barcelona, Spain where he has quickly become the Spanish B-Boy..s DJ of choice. Currently a member of Bad Taste Crew (Ireland), Horsepower DJ Militia (Worldwide) & Mighty Zulu Kingz (Worldwide) Timber..s reputation of rocking dancefloors in clubs and b-boy jams with his b-boy skills and dynamite DJing dynamics grows and grows...and b-boys beware...if Timber catches you sleeping on the dancefloor he..s more than likely to jump out from behind the turntables and show you how to get down!!



PS - There's a thin line between bravery and stupidity and I ran over with my eyes closed and forgot to come back


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