Stefan Scholtz (Stef)

bboy Ste Fwon btc

ATCK - born in Germany, grew up in different countries. Multilingual (hi, hallo, salut, 你好, hola). Head in the clouds.

Where & when?
First saw breaking on TV back in 2001, then spent the next few years throwing myself around on the floor without really understanding what I was doing. Got a true taste of what bboying means on my university exchange year in China, and decided to involve myself properly. Linked up with BTC in 2005 after coming back to Newcastle and learned things the right way, joining the crew in 2007 and continuing to live the break life.

Tempo, threads, shapes, opposites, levels. Too many influences to name.

Breaking is and can be so many things - art, individuality, letting loose, madness, passion, anger, a rush, a haze, dumb luck, ups, downs, pain, frustration, determination, conflict, therapy, inner peace, elation, laughter, pure joy, expression, showmanship, creation, connection and communication, teaching, learning, sharing, giving and receiving, belonging, discovering, experiencing, feeling alive.

What (else)?
When not dancing I'm most doing something that involves translating, interpreting, travelling, drawing, basketball, martial arts, animé, films, music, guitar, origami, internet, sneakers, bad jokes, throwing things…

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