Robert Graham (Bboy Raw B)

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My name is RawB, proud member of Bad Taste Cru representing Ireland  and the UK. I was lucky enough to be introduced to BBoying in ’98, through the influence of P, for which I am forever thankful.

More than any other day in my life, the day we started doin backspins and freezes has shaped my life more than any day before or since; BBoying and the hip hop culture has given me so much and shaped my life, resulting in who I am today. Through BBoying we have found unity, expression, the importance of hard work, respect and humility.

So I have been dancing 14 years now, during which I have performed, battled, taught and choreographed around the World, from the Royal Opera House to the Favellas of Rio Di Janeiro. Travel has definitely played an important role in informing my views and opinions on life.

I moved to Newcastle in 2002 to study Philosophy at Newcastle University. As we Irish tend to do, one by one our cru relocated to Newcastle as our second home, out of a desire to train together and battle on the UK scene. Coming out of Uni I was making money teaching and performing and I made the decision to commit full time... the way I see it if you are lucky enough to be able to make a living from what you love doing it would be foolish not to... at least while my body holds out.  ;)

Some of my most notable achievements... hm artistically I guess I have to say being commissioned for the Place Prize was a big highlight in my recent career. Coming from a background where we struggled for support from establishments to the point where we had nowhere to train, to have our work commissioned for the Place Prize really set a milestone for me in how far we have come. I am proud that our cru have contributed to giving BBoying in Hip Hop theatre the legitimate professional recognition it deserves.

Speaking as a BBoy every battle we have ever won has been a highlight; not just winning the battle, but travelling, experiencing new things and meeting new friends with your closest mates and cru members is the reward for all the training and effort we put in. Particular pinnacles include UK BBoy Championships, Battle of the Year and New York and Brazil.

I have a real passion for using BBoying in a different way, that has inspired me to take a particular interest in Hip Hop Theatre, which for me represents the future of our cru; using the skills we have learned combined with physical theatre, some contemporary movement, and strong, dynamic partner work to tell stories and relate our experiences.

If I had to say one thing about myself it would be that I have two constants... although every day is a struggle, whether you’re floor fighting, paying bills, dealing with personal issues... that you can always rely on your cru and your family, and that you can always express yourself.  

 “Ni Helios Go Haintios”

“No Knowledge Without Unity”

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