Paul Martin (Bboy P)

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Born in the year 1979.

A real child of the 80's, embraced sub cultures and oddness from an early age, thanks to my father.

Found hip hop culture around late 89', but at same time was introduced to metal and punk music.

This love of alternative cultures has led me on a journey of discovery ever since. Living in a small Irish town with little or no hip hop culture readily available, I became a seeker, finder, reader, watcher, and listener and generally tried my hardest to find hip-hop culture by any means possible. Luckily my solo quest did not last too long,

I met other people who were interested in the wonderful world of hip-hop. Bad Taste Cru was born, as I wanted to live the lifestyle I searched for, with my friends and create a positive alternative to what was happening around us in the violence of Northern Ireland.

My life revolves around many different things, films, music, graffiti, travelling, partying, learning, creating, thinking but hiphop and bboying is the gel that sticks it altogether.

I love my cru, I love this dance and I love living for what it stands for and what it can be. Bad taste cru for life!


Interests: Hip Hop culture, subcultures, weird stuff, punk rock, metal music, ninjas, trainers, travelling, graffiti and film

Philosophy of bboyin: Respect the architects, evolve or die, be yourself

Achievements: Founder of Bad Taste Cru, represented at numerous events all over UK and Europe including, UK B-Boy Championships, IBE (Holland), Urban Games, Freestyle Session (LA) Battle of the Year (Uk and Germany), Bboy Unit, Battle Jam, Banana Jam, Castle Rocks, Culture Shock (Holland), City v City (Rotterdam), Evolution World Finals (NYC) Breakdance Session (Poland) and have got more than 10 years experience as a bboy.

Influences: Bad Taste Cru, Belfast City Breakers, COTMB, Mouse, Poe 1, Knuckleheads Cali, Marlon, Freeze, Ken Swift, Stuntman, Sir Scott, Rawbzilla, Kujo, Top9, Reveal, Jackie Chan and many more.

Other Skills: Event Organization, Judging, Choreography, Basketball, Graffiti, and general goonery.


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