Robert Anderson (Bboy Justice)

bboy justice btc

I joined BTC in November 2009. Id been training with the crew for a while and was part of "War Kidz", a crew set up by BTC for the next generation of B-boys in Newcastle. On my 18th birthday, I was asked if I'd like to battle 10 rounds to get into BTC, and the rest as they say, is history.

I'd describe my personality as "organised chaos". Some days i like to just kick back and go with the flow, and some days ill be on a strict timetable. But i try to approach everything in an open and positive way to make the best out of every opportunity. I've took a lot of influence from my northern roots, which im very proud of, being taught by NCK and BTC alike.

I try to mix foundation and dynamics, with the idea of making nice shapes. When i moved into college i started to study contemporary dance, which taught me how to structure and expose the dynamics of my movement. I like to take all of my moves and apply basic dynamics to every single one by changing the level, angle, speed, shape or even just traveling it. I always try and express however im feeling through my dance, as i feel that your emotions will always dictate how you approach and perform your movement.

B-boying is very spiritual to me, when i throw down in a battle or a cypher, everything fades away, there's no opponent, no crowd, no judges, just me, the music and the floor. and no matter how your feeling, whether its nervous or whatever, all those emotions dissapear when you hit that first beat. That's when i feel most alive. I try to take inspiration from everything. Inspiration isn't just watching a dope bboy perform an amazing move, it comes in many forms, and everyone has a different perception of inspiration.

I like to get my ideas from my other hobbies, like skating, cooking and playing bass. However, i think i've really been inspired by the culture of bboying, and how its changed through the years, as well as how different countries have made it there own. As for bboys that have inspired me, i like to watch Ronnie, Roxrite, Evo, Smurf, Moy, Frankie Flave and Y-not, but i'd have to say i've been most inspired by bboy Raw B, Jelly, Doke, P and Lil Lee, they've always been there since i started bboying, supporting me all the way.  "B-boying is different to any other dance, because each individual interprets things differently.

There is no specific format for individuality. Its a self interpretation on how they want to express what there feeling through the music there hearing, and this is where the spirituality comes from".

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