Darren O'Kane (Bboy Jelly)

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I was first introduced to Hip Hop in 97 by my brother Doke; he and his friends were into hip hop music, graphitti and basketball. I was attracted to everything, the music, the clothes, the swagger, they looked so cool, and they looked like they had something special, something secret, something that was theirs, that no-one in our town even knew existed. It was foreign and exiting, almost untouchable, I wanted to be part of it, so I started stealing my brother’s tapes and playing them to my friends. Soon after P returned from college in Belfast, and he had learned some bboy (breakdance) moves from the Belfast City Breakers. As soon as I seen it, I was hooked, it all fitted together, the music, the clothes, the style, the feeling, THE DANCE! So I enrolled my two best mates, Robby (Raw B) and Kelly, and we started a cru in the summer of 98, called Da Gremlins, and that’s where it all started!

I moved to Newcastle in the UK when I was 18 to attend university, hang out with NCK (Newcastle City Kings), and to travel as much as possible and improve my skills. Since then I’ve been very lucky to have travelled all over the world and meet so many amazing people who continue to inspire and motivate me everyday. I've also had the oppetunity to meet some amazing bboys and battle against some of the best dancers in the world.

My style is natural, I’ve never tried to look a certain way, and I’ve never really watched myself dance, but I have been influenced by many other dancers, especially the bboys in my cru. I take inspiration from all influences in my life, the music I listen to, the people I idolise, my family and friends, and the world around me.

In recent years I've became more intersted in theatre and the oppertunties it offers to express yourself as a dancer and an actor, and I have big plans for the future with what our crew can achieve in this area. We have alot of big personalities in the crew who have alot to say, and I know we aren't afraid to say it.

I'm also interested in many things aside from bboying, including skateboarding, guitar, art and music in general, and i'm partial to a good old party. . .

Peace to all the geeks and freaks, punks and drunks, chumps and champs worldwide. . . 

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