Eroy Chan (Bboy Eroy)

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It was in my early teens where I developed a love of hip-hop music and culture. The first time I noticed breakin' was in my high school days, when classmates would try out moves at the school discos. This had intrigued me to learn so I began teaching myself to break, from sources like the internet and video tutorials, however there was only I could learn from and so I required lessons and went to Street Dance classes at Dance City where I met my teachers Davie Rae and Lil' Lee of NCK.

At the class I was introduced to various hip-hop dance styles, however I chose to stick to b-boying as it was the style I was most passionate about and allowed me to express myself more freely. It wasn't long until I moved up to the intermediate classes and was picked to represent the young generation in Booyaka Stormforce crew. Being in a crew and performing around the city gave me the incentive to work harder and devote more of my time into breakin.

In 2005, all the members of Stormforce went their separate ways leaving myself the only surviving member. I returned to Dance City, where I continued to break however I did not feel I knew where I was going with it, and felt a new direction was needed. One day whilst practicing I met Doke of Bad Taste Cru, who told me about the University Breakdance Championships and classes he was running in Dance City.

I attended the event, not really knowing what to expect, but I was surprised to discover a vibrant scene existing in my home town. Over the past few years, I have become even more focused on breakin, entering battles, performing in shows, and commercials whilst currently at university in Sunderland studying animation.'.

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