Conor O'Kane (Bboy Doke)

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About Me:

I was born in Omagh Co.Tyrone N. Ireland where I lived for most of my life. I have 3 brothers and at some point they all used to break but now only myself and my good brother Jelly carry the bboy torch for my family.  From a young age i have loved  playing all sports, drawing, rapping, listening to music and being creative.

I left school at 16 and i didn’t have a clue what i wanted to do until one year later when i was first introduced to Breaking.  I was first shown  b boying by my good mate P at our local Youth Centre in late ‘97 or early ‘98.  I think he showed me a back spin and a freeze....And I was hooked!  As soon as i saw it i would say.... ‘ I’m a bboy for life’. 

My friends laughed at me because I got my first & only crew tattoo when I had been breaking 6 months but I didn’t care because I knew this was my calling.  Since i first started dancing i have met so many cool people and travelled to so many places. My first taste of ‘the bboy lifestyle’ was when I lived in Australia with a few of the original BTC crew members. We spent a year dancing & traveling to jams, battling and getting to know the aussie bboy/hip hop scene.

I returned home to Northern Ireland for a short spell until I joined my brother Jelly and my good mate Rob (Raw b) in Newcastle in Jan 05. I have been living  in Newcastle for 6 years making my living from what i LOVE ... B-boying.   I teach, get taught, choreograph, compete and organise events/jams. Pretty much all of my life revolves around b-boying.  When im not dancing myself im either teaching others how to dance, organising bboy events or sleeping.


 I LOVE MUSIC,  all types of dance, films , cartoons & tv, writing poetry/raps/stories, sneakers partying, performing, film editing, cooking, eating food and rummaging through TK Maxx for a real find.

Thoughts about bboyin:

B-boying is my life, my marriage & my bit on the side. Bboying is what ever you want it to be. The beauty with Bboyin’/Hip hop culture is that you don’t have to conform, you can be your own person and have your own voice but still be a part of something beautiful.  Get into it! What have you got to lose? The b boy lifestyle is like a roller coaster ride were the ups far out way the downs. You have good and bad days just like in every day  life... that’s the journey. Do not imitate, Originate! Re-invention is the mother of all inventions. Limitation = creation. Be free from thought.  Respect your body. Respect your fellow dancer. Smile when you dance.  Dance when you smile. Travel. Teach. Be taught.



I’ve competed, represented and performed all over the UK, Europe and the World including Urban Games (London), UK Breakdance Championships (London), Castle Rocks(UK), Freshjive(UK),  BOTY UK & International (London & Germany), Battle of Ireland(Dublin), Battle of Britain(London), Bboy Unit (London), Breakdance Session(Poland),  Eurobattle (Portugal), Bboy sessions (Latvia),  Skill Masters (Dublin) and also Lithuania, Norway, Brazil, Australia, San Fansisco & New York. Founder of Just Jam International –  the Uk’s No. 1 Solo B boy Contest Performing with Afro Reggae in Rio De Ganeiro & Sao Paulo and getting to work in the favelas prisons with young people. Life Changing! Working with International Choreographer Tammy Mc Lorg & learning from her what I can. Taking our art back to our home town after 12 years was one of my proudest moments. 

Influences/ Inspirations:

Real bboys & bgirls, Bad Taste Cru, Belfast City Breakers,  Mouse, Style Elements Crew, Gumby, Evo, King B, Perves,RSC, Ken Swift, Storm, Maurizio, Eazy Roc, Second II None, Roxrite, Massive Monkees, Flying Steps, South Side Rockers, Flo Mo Crew, Rock Force Crew, Boogie Brats, Dyzee, Havikoro, Ground Zero , Skill Methodz & Otis Medley (lol this guy is funny, check his video ‘ Breakdance by O M). And all the people that make a difference in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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