Paul Allen (Bboy Balen)

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My name is Paul Richard Allen but most people call me Balen and come from a small town in the north of Ireland called The Mighty Omagh.

I moved over to Newcastle Upon Tyne years ago as most of the crew had there eyes set on the city and I didn’t fancy staying in The Mighty Omagh head spinning by myself so I never really looked back to be honest, I love Newcastle and there’s much more of a scene here in the UK for b-boying and working doing what I love I really enjoy teaching and sharing my skills to anyone who’s interested.

Aside from breaking I love to play the drums and a wee bit a poker here and there...not bad at snooker either...and don’t even start me with football....(Liverpool fan)  I like to get out with the lads and love travelling...Rio and NYC have been the best so far...roll on the next stop   

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Bboy Balen.


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