Just Jam International

Just Jam Intl is a whole weekend of hip-hop culture. Starting out in 2008 as a small jam for local b-boys, dancers, djs, graf heads, mcs and musicians to get together monthly and socialise, jam, hangout, network, party, dance, battle, etc it has since grown into one of the worlds premier hip-hop events.

Just Jam Intl has a warm, welcoming vibe as well as true BBoy culture with the highest production values you could expect!

Expect to see an incredible show of talent, skills, creativity and style the absolute definition of breaking. This is a social Hip Hop event where everyone is welcome, from families to professionals, to jam, party and network or just sit back to enjoy the spectacular of BBoy battles and culture Just Jam Intl has battles, workshops, a theatre night and a great party atmosphere, undoubtedly one of the best b-boy events in the world.

For more information see http://www.justjamintl.com/

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