Juice Festival

Our partnership with Juice Festival is a more recent one, in 2009 we were asked to create a multi art piece for the Juice Festival with young dancers, a street artist and a slam poet. This piece was called BODY LANGUAGE and was shown at Dance City for one night only and was a great success. We worked with local bboys to create a 30 min piece which explored the relationship between age, the pressures of teenage life and the dreams of the young and older. It was a great opportunity for us and more so for the young dancers involved.

In 2010 Juice Festival offered us the chance to be part of the main programme and they commissioned funding for us to put on JUST JAM 2010 which we were delighted with. The event no had the chance to grow and develop and went from a 1 night event to a 2 day extravaganza of hip-hop workshops, local hip hop theatre and of course the 1 on 1 bboy battle.
We hope to continue working with Juice and keep your eyes peeled for this years JUST JAM, its going to be bigger and better.


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