Dance City

For many years now Dance City has been an integral part of our lives, for most of us it is a second home, we meet there, train there, and develop our ideas there. It is a safe and friendly environment which art can truly happen and develop.

Dance City has opened its doors to Hip Hop culture in a big way in the past few years, and BTC in many ways were banging at the windows for a while.  When we work together to create activities/projects, we produce Real Professional Hip Hop.

This is very important to us, to have the freedom to keep the cultures roots at its core, but also add a massive element of professionalism, real organisation and mass appeal. Between us we have ran Just Jam (sell out International break-dance competition) The Freshest Bairns (Amazing youth break-dance event) and have been involved in numerous other mini projects, classes and workshops.

DC has given us many many great opportunities, and one that really made a difference was working with the Peoples Palace London and Afro Reggae, Brazil. We travelled to Brazil, worked in the favelas, and performed in theatres and on the streets, we can never be thankful enough for making that decision to link us up with such amazing and wonderful people.

Most recently we have been made associate artists at Dance City, which is another highlight for us and another example of how DC view us as a company, we are very much looking forward to continuing our relationship and developing our work, our bboy scene and being involved in the legacy of Dance City.

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