Since 2008 Bad Taste Cru have worked extensively with Afro-Reggae, a leading global cultural organisation based in Brazil.

Afro-Reggae are primary a live music and percussion band, with a huge fan base worldwide. Afro-Reggae also offer a wide range of cultural and educational activities worldwide with the goal of empowering young people with new skills and embracing their talents, including; music, music production, dance, photography, filmmaking, IT skills, circus skills, and many more.

Together Afro-Reggae and Bad Taste Cru delivered respective residencies in the UK and Brazil offering workshops in breakdancing and percussion, to University students in the UK, and to young people in the favella’s of Rio De Janeiro, and to young people in prison in Sao Paulo.

Bad Taste Cru and Afro-Reggae created a 30 min performance piece entitled ‘Together Apart’ born from the cultural and physical distance between the two groups, but also from oneness of the ideas and ethos shared by the two organisations in their beliefs in empowerment of young people through nurturing their skills and talents, even in the face of extreme adversity. 

“Together Apart” merges the high energy and highly skilled percussionists of Afro-Reggae with the intense and dynamic rhythm and moves of Bad Taste Cru. The show was performed in the UK at Dance City in 2009, and at Salisbury arts festival in 2010 and in Brazil, in Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paulo in 2010.

The Project was funded by the British Council and managed by Peoples Palace Projects, a London based charity dedicated to advance the practice and understanding of art for social justice. 

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