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Bad Taste Cru! Professional Bboy/Breakdance Company

Bad Taste Cru are a professional BBoy (Breakdance) Cru / Dance Company based out of Dance City, the National Dance Agency for the North East. A multi-faceted dance company that not only battles at international competition level, but produces live theatre pieces that combine BBoying with contemporary dance, physical theatre, and explosive partner work. BTC are professional breakdance instructors who deliver one-off classes, residencies and workshops throughout the UK, and are also available for commercial / corporate bookings.


Bad Taste Cru Presents 'AfterMath' and 'Tribal Assambley' @ Dance City (Saturday 3rd December)

A mind-blowing evening featuring two epic hip-hop theatre pieces choreographed and performed by Newcastle’s own world renowned Bad Taste Cru.

Heavily influenced by the boys’ own experiences of growing up in Omagh, the emotive Aftermath follows four characters struggling to exist in the wake of a terrorist act. Aftermath became the first breakdance work to be commissioned for the prestigious Place Prize for Dance 2010.

Performed for the first time in a theatre, Bad Taste’s major outdoor commission Tribal Assembly follows four very different characters (The Chav, The Homeless Person, The Businessman and The Rocker) in their battle for power amidst social class stereotyping, to spectacular effect.
Who will come out on top?

Running Time: 1 hour 10 mins (includes 15 mins interval)
This performance will be followed by a post show talk.

Don't miss out on this exlusive UK premier of both performances together in a theatre setting . . . This evening will sell out, so book your tickets now from Dance City @ the link below . . . See you all there . . .


For a Preview of Aftermath watch the clip below . . . Enjoy. . .


Just Jam 2011 - A huge Success

Once again Just Jam proves to be one of the premier Hip Hop events on the UK calender. With the teatre evening and the 1 V 1 competition entirely sold out days before the event, the vibe and energy of the weekend was imense.

Thanks to all our amazing judges Freeze, Mouse, and Hat solo. Thanks to all the invited Bboys, as well as all those who travelled from far and wide to compete and spectate. Thanks to all those who performed on the the saturday night, the quality and professionalism was first rate. Thanks to all the audience members who came and supported the event. Thanks to Juice Festival, Dance City, P, Rokas and grant who all tirelessly to make this years event possible. . .

Congratulations to this years winner T- Killa from Oslo, Norway, a good friend of BTC's and a well deserved winner.

Roll on 2012 . . .


Jelly BTC


Below is a review of the event written by Peter Maniam of 'Breakin Convention', London


For Just Jam 2011, Bad Taste Cru (BTC) promised a weekend of b-boy battles, Hip Hop theatre, workshops and parties, and boy did they deliver!

Jam and Juice is Bad Taste Crew’s very own Hip Hop theatre night and saw crews from across Europe, as well as local youth groups, step to the stage. Highlights included a slick, new jack inspired set from Breakin’ Convention’s Back To The Lab choreographer Ashley Jack (Jackin’ The Box) and Newcastle’s own all-girl crew Sana with their trademark sassiness.

But the showstopper rightly came from Bad Taste Cru. Aftermath sensitively addresses the Omagh bombing and its fallout. An issue close close to their hearts (BTC hail from Omagh) the piece resonated with the raw emotion the small town still feels from the atrocity. This Place Prize nominated performance is powerful whilst also displays a maturity that reflects the journey Hip Hop dance theatre has taken. It’s clear why Dance City recently made BTC an associate company.

Day two saw the action head to the more familiar setting of battles.  Bboys and bgirls went head to head and pitted the world’s finest against the UK. The eventual winner was T-Killa (Norway) and his display of character, foundations and originality captured the essence of breaking at its purest. BTC have managed to nurture an event where the camaraderie amongst bboys and bgirls is a priority, it represents a refreshing change to the testosterone fuelled atmosphere of many battles.

The day, however, was to belong to Ken Masters, one of Newcastle’s most respected emcees and Just Jam host. He topped off a perfect day, with an elaborate surprise marriage proposal in front of the audience.  For a moment there were tears in even the most stoney-faced b-boys’ eyes!

Breakin’ Convention wishes you all the best Kenny - who says there’s no romance in Hip Hop?!

Just Jam has definitely stamped itself in the Hip Hop dance calendar and is testimony to the relationship between Bad Taste Cru and Dance City.  Both have embraced each other and the results are impressive. A healthy Hip Hop dance scene is flourishing in Newcastle thanks to the open doors policy of Dance City - every day their foyer is taken over by Hip Hop dancers. Their investment in BTC, Just Jam and Hip Hop dance we salute.

Peter Maniam - Breakin Convention



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